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  1. What an amazing lady, leader, and role model. I absolutely loved every minute I worked for Mrs. Story at Sango. After I left Sango to move to Virginia, I never forgot the lessons she taught me. Her level of professionalism and respect for the art of teaching is unmatched. I hope to meet up with her again some day. Enjoy Monday mornings, Mrs. Story! They will never feel the same.

  2. I’ve known Priscilla Story most of my life. I was privileged to see firsthand the positive influence of her parents; they would be so proud of her – as I am! I treasure our friendship and I respect and admire the “difference” she has made in the lives of young people and as a role model for present and future educators. CMCSS has provided the springboard for Priscilla Story to serve and succeed. I know you join me in wishing her many more days of service and accomplishment. Well done, my friend!

  3. There are no words to say how much Ms. Story has meant to me. I have known her now for over 15 years and, because of that, she has shared so much of my adult life. She loves the kids, she loves education, and she loves those she works with and who worked under her leadership. And I loved her back! She always had my back and would support me in the classroom. She was always smiling and would find time to help you anytime you needed it. I cried countless tears in her office my first year of teaching and cried again as I left Sango to be a school counselor. I learned so much from her and am a better person for knowing her. God blessed CMCSS with her for these 41 years! Love you, Ms. Story!

  4. You will be miss very much Mrs Priscilla Story, I have enjoyed serving you as a Foster Grandpa at Sango you take care God Bless you what ever you do for the rest of your life, take care. Grandpa Willie,

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