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  1. This was awesome to watch. I really like the activities that I saw in the video. Ben’s attitude towards children and teaching is what we need more of!

  2. I’m a Physical Education teacher in Maryland. Ben has some very creative ideas with the Parachute. The students were having a lot of fun. Most importantly, every student was involved. Great Job!! Keep up the Great work you are doing!!

  3. I would lover to have the pRachute lesson plan he’s using here it looks like so much fun! I am also interested in some of the great outdoors activities too!

  4. Hey Ben, I am not a PE teacher, but I really like you different teach way in PE. I think I will copy your activity style to put into my Chinese class. Thanks for sharing! You are brilliant!

  5. Hello Ben I am a new PE teacher and enjoyed your activities in your inspiring video. May have your plans for your parachute activity, and full activity lesson where you had a game similar to cornhole (girl throwing to 3 holes with beanbag, students holding onto rope and swinging across box to box, the horseshoe type game with rope beads and two levels of scoring, etc. Also, I need suggestions on how to set up a k-3 classroom (homespots, warm up challenges, activities and cool down. In short, I am scouring the internet and just got called to cover for K – 8 program in a rural area. Thank you so much! Kevin.murphy203@gmail.com

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