Drive Safe Rally at CHS


The National Society of High School Scholars organized a Drive Safe Rally at CHS, led by Isabella Sullivan. Through the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership program, Isabella received a grant to bring the In One Instant program to our school.  Friday, all 9th and 10th grade students had an NSHSS peer-to-peer youth leader come to their classrooms to introduce the program.  Students then watched a 35 minute film which features the consequences of intoxicated and distracted driving choices, and then peer leaders engaged the 9th/10th grade students in safe driving instruction.  Also, through the National Youth Leadership Council program, Isabella received another grant to implement a personalized safe driving campaign in her school community through the Project Ignition program.  Some of the funds from this grant made it possible to implement the Drive Safe Rally.  Some of the people and organizations in attendance were:

  • Clarkville Mayor Joe Pitts
  • Clarksville Police Department Crash Investigation Unit
  • Fire Marshall
  • Montgomery County Driver Safety
  • Donate Life
  • Workforce Essentials
  • Alexis Goins – Allstate Insurance
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Neal, Tarpley, & Parchman Funeral Home
  • Red Cross
  • Clarksville Montgomery County Safe Driving Task Force
  • Kimeo Smith – Farmers Insurance
  • TN Operation Lifesaver
  • TN Highway Safety
  • FORD Foundation: Driving Skills for Life
Juniors and Seniors also attended an assembly with the following speakers:
  • Clarkville Mayor Joe Pitts
  • Lt. Vincent Lewis – Clarksville PD
  • Ms. Jhodi Riggins – Workforce Essentials Driver’s Education, Ambassador for Operation Lifesaver  Railroad Safety, Ambassador for Yellow Dot for the state of TN, and CMCSS school bus driver
  • Paula Harper – TN Road Team Captain
  • Kate Dennis – Ford Foundation (Ford Driving Skills For Life Academy)
  • Lt. Ed Cherry – Highway Patrol
  • Randy Ellis – Assist. Chief with Fire Rescue

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