CMCSS Red Carpet Awards


At the 2nd Annual CMCSS Red Carpet Awards, we recognized our 54 Teachers of the Year. Our district level Teachers of the Year were Lindsay Karas and Abraham Wolfe who were given jewelry from Elliott’s Jewelers, and Deborah Chancellor who won a brand new car from James Corlew Chevrolet. Also, congratulations to our school level Teachers of the Year: Lisa Anselmo, Julie Walker, Belinda Cornell, Nicole Shaw, Paula Kennedy, Erin Smith, Diane Hicks, Patricia Bailey, Kendyl Jenkins, Jennifer Hicks, Victoria Smith, Amanda Holla, Rachelle Taylor, Kathie Betancourt, Shelley Foister, Brenda Payne, Jacqueline Orr, Jennifer Comparette, Brandy Givens, Rachel Evans, Connie Jackson, Kelly Broihahn, Kristina Waugh, Laura Mabry, Janet Lambert, Kendyl Kilby, Kelly Spurgeon, Jennifer Anderson, Keli Storz, Ruth Coats, Daniel Milner, Leslie Wolfe, Kaili Purrington, Anna McMurry, Mike Andrews, Megan Groene, Cheryl Deyeso, Rebecca Allsbrooks, Jena Proctor, Jeanne Salyer, Sonya Vandiver, Stacey Smith, Robert Murphy, Kerry Randall, Wendy Lewallen, Barbara Wesner, Paula Austin-Drugmand, Barrett Crane, John Garwood, Stacie Dunn, and Lisa Elliott.

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