2019 Classified Employee of the Year


The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation in partnership with the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, hosted its Second Annual Classified Employee of the Year lunch sponsored by Clarksville Fencing.

CMCSS employs more than 2,000 classified staff. Among these employees, 44 classified staff members were recognized for their outstanding achievements. A committee was formed to select five finalists from the 44 nominees. The five nominees were then presented to a second selection committee who then determined the one employee who would be recognized as “The 2019 CMCSS Classified Employee of the Year.”

The five finalists: Mike Ellis, School Bus Driver; Charli Hall, Bookkeeper at St. Bethlehem Elementary; Paula Nelson, Educational Assistant at West Creek High; Greg Tinsley, Lead Custodian at Oakland Elementary; and Wendy Wilkins, Administrative Assistant at New Providence Middle who was named the 2019 CMCSS Classified Employee of the Year.

Ms. Wilkins was presented with a $500 Visa gift card provided by Clarksville Fencing. The remaining four finalists were presented with $100 Visa gift cards provided by The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation.

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